distant healing

All healers act as a channel for the energy which is believed to activate the recipient’s natural ability to heal itself.

The method of receiving healing is a very simple, relaxing, non-intrusive process. Neither person has to use any effort of will or concentration during this process. 

With distant healing, the recipient simply lies in the comfort of their own home at an agreed day and time. 

The whole person is treated rather than specific symptoms. After a brief consultation either by email or phone, the healing usually takes up to 45 minutes. During the healing you may experience a number of reactions such as; a sensation of hot or cold, prickling feelings, tingling, tearfulness, stomach rumblings, falling asleep, flashes of past lives, involuntary movements, seeing colours and re-experiencing memories.

Your body will decide how much of the energy healing is required. You do not have to believe for it to work, just a desire to receive and accept the energy.
Many people find their attitudes to life and its problems change for the better after receiving healing.
After the healing, a report will be sent by email or by voice message with all findings and/ or feedback. 

Please make an appointment before making any payment.
Email: info@chrysalistransformation.co.uk
Phone: +441329 310340 

Please give 24 hours notice if you need to rearrange the day/ time otherwise you will need to purchase another session.

Distant Healing £35

Distant Healing & Card Reading £50 

Distant Healing x 3 £90